Spring 2023 URCA Application Closed; Position Filled!

I am happy to announce that the McCarragher Biogeography Research Group has a continuing URCA Research Assistant working on the Urban Greenways research project with me this coming Spring 2023. They will be assisting with the collection of usage data along the Delyte W. Morris trail running through the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville campus, as well as assisting with the land cover classification, other GIS aspects of the project, and the analysis of data collected from previous semesters.

Stay tuned for more about the project, as it unfolds.

Check back for more information about available URCA positions for Fall 2023, as we are hopeful to continue this project and will need more interested undergraduate students to apply! Beyond the URCA program, if you are interested in volunteering and would like to get involved with the project, please contact me!

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