Why Geography?

“Geographic inquiry focuses on understanding complex local to global interactions of Earth’s physical and human systems.” (1)

Geography courses provide you with an opportunity to:

“Acquire the skills required to pose and investigate significant spatial and environmental questions and develops the ability to use maps, imagery, and geospatial technologies.

Learning geography promotes understanding of past, present, and possible future conditions on Earth and fosters deep appreciation for the value of diverse cultures, natural environments, and nonhuman species.” (1)

In today’s increasingly interdependent and globalized world:

“Geographic knowledge is fundamental to reaching our personal and societal goals, and in attaining a higher quality of life.” (1)

If you are unable to major in Geography, you might consider adding Geography as a minor since it can enhance almost ANY major – contact me to find out how it can benefit you!

The following video, from the American Association of Geographer’s – My Community Our Earth, describes the meandering journeys people have taken to study geography and the benefits and skills they’ve acquired as a result.

-(1) All of the above quotes were taken from the Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education’s booklet, Why Geography is Important (2012), Texas State University, Geography Department.