Current and Past Students

Listed Chronologically.

SIUE students pictured (left to right): Logan Pelo, Timilehin Famiwaye, Wade Filges.


SIUE Graduate Students (Committee Chair):

  • Logan Pelo (est. graduation: Dec 2023) – Geography and GIS (SP22-present)
  • Timilehin Famiwaye (est. graduation: May 2023) – Geography and GIS (FA21-present) (FA21-SP22 Research Assistant)


SIUE Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) Assistants:

Fall 2021-Present: Understanding microclimate variability, biodiversity, and usage patterns along the Delyte W. Morris Greenway in Edwardsville, IL. Part of a larger research agenda exploring the socio-ecological characteristics and role of urban greenways in urban systems.

  • Alissa Harris (not pictured) – Major: Environmental Science (SP22-present)
  • Maisy Garrison (not pictured) – Major: Geography and GIS (FA22)
  • Logan Pelo (Graduated Dec 2021) – Major: Geography and GIS, Minor: GIS, Meteorology and Climatology (FA21)
  • Michael Wood (Graduated Dec 2021) (not pictured) – Major: International Studies, Minor: Geography (FA21)


SIUE GEOPATHS Research Assistants:

  • Wade Filges (est. graduation: May 2023) – Major: Environmental Science (FA21-FA22)


UTC students pictured (left to right): Nathan Collyer, Will Stuart, Meleena Livesay.


Past Undergraduate Students from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (2016-2020):

  • Nathan Collyer (Graduated 2020, UTC) – B.S. Criminal Justice; Minor: Geography and History
  • William Stuart (Graduated 2020, UTC) – B.S. Environmental Science: Earth, Atmosphere, and Geological Resources
  • Meleena Livesay (Graduated May 2018, UTC) – B.S. Environmental Science: Biodiversity, Conservation, and Natural Resources; Minor: Biology
  • Alexis Lane (Graduated Dec 2018, UTC) (not pictured) – B.S. Secondary Education: Geography