My path to geography was indirect and as such, I enjoy teaching students who have their own unique and meandering educational journeys.

As a geography professor, I aim to shatter mistaken stereotypes students might have about geography, connect students’ personal experiences to class content, and inspire excitement and compassion about the world we call home.

Photo courtesy of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

I make every effort to design student-centered courses that encourage students to transition from passive learners to active learners. Active learning environments advocate the application of knowledge, while students utilize essential life skills such as communication, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. I strive to balance class activities (both in and out of the classroom in the form of field method demonstrations, seminars, presentations, field trips, community engagement, service learning, etc.) with meaningful and relevant lectures that establish a foundation upon which student learning is fostered. Ultimately, the skills developed in student-centered classes, are often the same skills that are required for establishing and maintaining successful careers after the students’ education, regardless of their subsequent path.

Highlights from Courses Taught:

GEOG 2210: Maps and Mapping

Catalog Description: Introduction to types of maps, map construction, aerial photographs, remote sensing, digital image processing, computerized cartography, computerized map applications, and geographic information systems. Every semester.

This course aims to develop and enhance students’ fundamental spatial thinking and visual communication skills. It incorporates a variety of experiential learning opportunities, including working with the UTC community and local Chattanooga government agencies on real-world mapping projects. Students receive Beyond the Classroom credit upon successful completion of this course.

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