CHECK IT OUT: Now Accepting Spring 2023 URCA Research Assistant Applicants!

Are you interested in sustainability, biogeography, urban landscape ecology, biodiversity conservation, urban heat island effect, geographic information systems, remote sensing, weather, and/or climate? Are you looking for opportunities to get involved with research and boost your CV or resume?

If so, I encourage you to apply for this Geography URCA Research Assistant position.

You will explore the biogeography of greenspaces within the built environment (urban landscape) to better understand the spatial patterns of urban biodiversity and ecological networks, and assess what impact, if any, urban landscape features and abiotic characteristics have on those spatial patterns. More specifically, you will help assess the socio-ecological role of urban greenways, which serve as an interface between human and natural systems across built environments and thus may act as both an ecological network and a means for enhancing urban resilience and sustainability.

Deadline to apply is Wednesday, 12/14 by 5 PM, so don’t put it off – apply ASAP!

URCA Assistant responsibilities are as follows:

• Research primary literature and conduct a content analysis of peer-reviewed literature about a topic that interests the student related to urban greenspaces (e.g. biodiversity conservation, habitat connectivity, impacts on human health and well-being, equitable access to and quality of urban greenspaces, etc.).

• Assist with data downloads, data entry, and data management.

• Conduct weekly midday (11:30 AM – 1:30 PM; ideally = 12-1 PM), morning (8:30-9:30 AM), and/or afternoon (4:30-5:30 PM) greenway observations that record traffic, activity counts, and user responses to a shout-out survey (as well as weather surveys, as applicable) at assigned points along greenways. (Note: students will need to complete Human Subjects Research training for this position).

• Analyze greenway usage data from previous semesters.

• Collect and analyze microclimate data related to urban heat islands using a mobile bike weather station.

• Assist with the characterization of urban structure and cover along greenways using remote sensing and GIS (e.g., digitization, geospatial analyses, spectral imagery land cover classifications, etc.)

To apply, visit the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Program website at:

Then scroll down to find ‘Geography’ then click ‘Apply Now!’ in the row for ‘Shannon McCarragher.’

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